For a limited time, You can buy our own developed robot that we use in trading.

-This is EUR/USD trading bot, that use EMAs Crossing and Custom stochastic RSI to open and close trades, with a time filter to avoid opening trades during economic news & data release , and outside the trading hours at night, when trading volume is low.

-Our take profit TP and stop loss SL are fixed for this bot. with TP at 50 pips and SL at 100.

-The bot will most of the time close the trades before it hit TP or SL when EMAs cross or the RSI reach over bought or over sold levels.

-You can use this bot on any mt4 account with a minimum balance of 100$.

-We recommend using 0.01 lot size for every 100 $ balance so you will be risking only 10% per trade. and you can always use safer settings and set lot size as you prefer.

-On average the robot makes between 30 to 50% profit a month.

-You can use the bot with unlimited mt4 accounts ( Demo and Real ).

-The bot is very easy to install, and you will receive video guild on how to install it, and our back end team is always available to help you.

-You will have lifetime membership and updates.

-After you buy the robot you will receive a link to download the bot and a video guild on how to install it on mt4, and you will have access to all future robot updates.

-You can check our Robot Results Here and check a full video of the Results using MT4 strategey tester on our youtube channel Here. 

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