Account Management & Copy Trading Service

Join our Copy Trading Service

If you already have a trading account with equity of $2,000 and more, you can join our account management service now.

We have and accept clients from all the countries worldwide.

You can use any broker that supports MT4 and any currency and leverage.

In case you don't have a trading account, or you want to open a new one: you can open one from here.

How it Works

Your MT4 account will be linked to our account and you will copy our trades automatically in your account with the right lot size.

Our system is very safe as we use 0.01 lot size for every $200 equity and very tight stop loss, and very accurate trading strategies.

It's your account so you can monitor the trading anytime by logging into it and you the only person who can deposit and withdraw from it.

We make around 30% profit a month.


We don't charge fee for this service.

We charge only 25% profit share monthly (meaning if we made you for example $10,000 profit, you will give us $2,500 and you keep the $7,500 profit).

So you will not pay if we don't make you profits.

If your account is $10,000 or more our profit share will be 20% instead of 25%.

You can send our profit share through bank transfer - PayPal - Bitcoin - or pay it through credit or debit card through invoice.

How To Start


Its very easy you just need to send us your name and email address and your MT4 account details.


For your safety please change your MT4 account password before you give it to us and make sure it's different than your email or social media password.

Once you send us all the details we will link your MT4 account to our account and you will start copying our trades.

Our profit share will be calculated after 1 month from the day you started copying us, so you will not pay anything before 1 month.